Please find enclose new insights along the PETROBRAS scandal and the role of messengers and new media (link). Very interesting!

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Baden Württemberg International (BWI) and the Department of Trade and Industry of Baden-Württemberg county jointly organize a business delegation trip to Chile (Santiago) and Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro). The target sectors will be Manufacturing, Automation, Machinery and Engineering and ITC. This event represents an excellent opportunity for intensifying contacts and networks – or – to gain a first impression about this huge South American market in participating on local contact and cooperation fairs. For further information please contact us or read more about assistance and booking.

Please find enclosed a short video summary (see more). Major topics on this international event were especially the South American markets of Chile and Paraguay. For further information please use our contact details.

Please have a look at the following video, which gives a nice view of the Museo do Amanha and the local port area after the demolition of the Perimetral city highway. Some more comments on the new vision of this old urban part are found at O Globo – in Portguese.

Following the newspapers and journals the last weeks, the actual situation at PETROBRAS – one of the largest Brazilian companies – is still getting worse. After the arrest of leading managers of PETROBRAS and major Brazilian building companies (NZZ_15.11.2014), a new article from Alexander Busch describes now the actual situation and new developments. The article – published yesterday (NZZ_21.11.2014) – draws an insightful overview.

As PETROBRAS also has a very strong influence on the BOVESPA (stock index Sao Paulo), the crisis has the potential to damage the Brazilian economy in a very serious way, due to severe side effects. On the other hand one could argue that finally after this coming out, the things can only get better – representing new business opportunities for foreign companies. But this will only happen, when the crisis management will be improved, forced by internal OR even external activities (as we can read in the article).


As a regular visitor and “almost” citizen of Rio de Janeiro, I was very interested about the trail of the new “Transcarioca” bus line, connecting the Olympic City in Barra da Tijuca with the “Galeao” – Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport. To tell the truth, I had no idea about the correct trail. The video behind the link gives a very good insight into the road line with of length of approx. 39 km and also the dimension of the city, crossing parts a regular tourist does not take into account.

Of course one could ask why not use a train or metro to connect this urban regions, givin’ the city a new innovative perspective. In fact a metro connection to the airport would be very useful. Maybe one day the public transport lobby can be convinced towards new solutions… using the present bus basement to install some kind of “trem-sinho“, which is already part of the plans of the New Harbour District in Rio. Some talk about a rebirth of the old harbour area – maybe justified.


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